• How to install spring boot app as a service and replace version by scp

    In the time of microservices and Kubernetes most of the java applications are deployed as Docker containers (Kubernetes pods) and old fashioned deployment to the application server or as a operating system service is rare but sometimes useful.

  • AWS Elastic Beanstalk docker application deployment and CI/CD Gitlab configuration

    In this post I will show how to prepare and execute AWS elastic beanstalk deployment of docker application. I think these days docker deployment is the best way to package and deploy most of the web applications.

    Recently I had deployed two totally different applications - one Python Django project and one Java Spring Boot application - both the same very easy and efficient way - by the Docker containers.

  • Spek - specification test framework for Kotlin

    Some time ago when I had started recognize the ‘new’ JVM language from JetBrains named Kotlin I was looking test framework for that language which allows me to write tests on Kotlin within my Java codebase (due to the very good integration between Java and Kotlin). After short search I found the Spek - Kotlin Specification Framework.